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    Eight Common Topics for Discussion During an Interview


    Goal – place objective measurement on your background, education and training.

    Sample questions: What was your GPA? How long were you at ABC University? Why did you select this University?


    Goal – subjectively evaluate features of your background and achievements.

    Sample questions: What were your responsibilities in that position? What have been your greatest accomplishments?


    Goal – subjectively analyze how you would respond in a variety of situations or scenarios.

    Sample questions: What would you do in this situation? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?


    Goal – align your past behaviors with specific competences that are required for the position.

    Sample questions: Can you give me an example of your specific leadership skills? Explain how you developed or found a creative solution to a problem.

    Math Logic

    Goal – evaluate not only your math skills, but also your creative ability in formulating the mathematical formula for providing an answer (or an estimate, as is often the case).

    Sample questions: What is 1,000 divided by 69? How many golf balls could fit into a Kia?

    Problem Resolution

    Goal – evaluate your problem-solving abilities and how you would analyze and work through potential case scenarios.

    Sample questions: How many gas stations are there in Japan? What is your estimate of the global online retail market for books?

    Common Knowledge

    Goal – get past your pre-programmed answers to find out if you are capable of an original thought. There are not necessarily right or wrong answers. This inquiry is mainly used to assess your ability to think on your feet.

    Sample questions: What kind of animal would you like to be? What color best describes you?


    Goal – anticipate future behavior based upon past behaviors.

    Sample questions: Can you give me a specific example of how you did that? What were the steps you followed to accomplish that task?