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Corporate & Manufacturing

The best and brightest talent nationwide--each candidate has proven experience as a top performer in their industry.


Timely and efficient appointment for deans, presidents, vice presidents, and other leadership roles for academic organizations.


We find well-versed candidates for executive roles in hospital systems, medical practices, pharmacies, assisted-living companies, and more.

JD & Associates, Inc.

With over 30 years of experience, JD & Associates, Inc. has served as a reliable search partner dedicated to finding the perfect candidate for every client we serve. Our executive recruitment firm employs a highly trained and credentialed staff to ensure that each assignment receives our highest level of service and attention to detail. At JD & Associates, we also acknowledge the growing need for a diversified workforce, and we take pride in finding quality candidates that exceed our client’s expectations.

Our clients range from Fortune 100 enterprises to small start-ups, and our specialty for finding exceptional candidates for leadership roles in corporate, manufacturing, education, and healthcare industries is unmatched. When you partner with JD & Associates for your recruitment needs, you’ll be gaining the hiring flexibility and efficiency that will position your organization for success.

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“A great organization focused on excellence that is exemplified in demeanor, ethics, quality and care for the clients and candidates.”

~Kevin Adkins

“A team that you can count on in a crunch and wonderful to work with.”

~Michael Blackwell

“I am proud to recommend their services to other professionals looking for quality, efficient, professional and dedicated requiting services.”

~Latrice Bryant

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We offer candidates the highest level of personal service, confidentiality, and professional ethics in the recruiting industry. Take your first step to a brighter future by submitting your resume today!

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